Double Bonus Video Poker Quiz

Double Bonus Video Poker Quiz

Is it any wonder we call Las Vegas, Video Poker Heaven? With this pay table widely available even on quarter machines, we can squeeze 100.1% out of this liberal game, plus the benefits of slot clubs, which put an additional 0.4- 0.7% return on the table.

Pay Schedule
Royal Flush4,000
Straight Flush250
Four Aces800
Four 2-3-4's400
Four 5-K's250
Full House50
3 of a Kind15
Two Pairs5
Pair Jacks or Better5

But it won't happen unless you learn the nuances of the strategy, which is more complex than what you would use on Draw Poker. To see how proficient you are, take this test and find the answers below. If you can get 5 or 6 right, you are ready to take on this challenging game.

Which cards would you hold?
Hand Card A Card B Card C Card D Card E
1 3s 6s 9s Kd 8h
2 4c 7c 2h 3s 9c
3 5s 6s 7s 8s 9c
4 7s Js Qs As Kc
5 9d Jh Qc Kh 8d
6 4d 6c 7c 8s 2c

Hand Cards Explanation
1 D A 3-card flush is playable but one high card is better
2 A,B and E Much better than drawing 5 new cards
3 A,B,C,D and E Paying 5 the straight is the play.
4 A, B,C and D Hold the 4 Card Flush; Try for the Royal only if the
Royal pays 960 coins
5 A,B,C and D Those high cards make it the play
6 A,B,C and D Even a poor inside straight plays in this game