Bankroll Shenanigans

            The number of friends that I have here in Las Vegas who have been asked which casino they live in is astounding.  I live in the suburbs of Las Vegas and not particularly close to a casino.  There are a couple of 'locals' casinos about 3-4 miles from my house.  I've made no secret of the fact that I don't go to the casinos very often to actually play.  To me, playing is a form of entertainment.  When I used to vacation in Las Vegas, I would play far more often than I do now that I live here.  Living here, I do as most of the rest of you do in an average day.  I do my work.  I go shopping.  I do yard work.  I fix things that have broken in the house.  In the evenings, we do family dinner, watch some television and read stories to our son. 

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